We are both ISNet and SECOR certified; these contractor management systems ensure that we meet the highest standard of safety for our clients and our employees.

Battle River Wildlife Management: Quality Pest Control in Edmonton

Environmentally Friendly, 24-hour Pest Control

Enjoy the comfort of a pest-free life with 24-hour, on-call service from Battle River Wildlife Management Inc. With over 50 years of experience, we offer wildlife management throughout Edmonton and the surrounding communities.

Proven Maintenance and Deterrent Programs

Our locally owned business will assess your situation, review the possible solutions and then take care of the problem. We have maintenance, assessment and deterrent programs for wildlife management that will work for residential, commercial and industrial properties, acreages, farms, golf courses and more. We strive to balance the needs of property owners with the needs of the animals, using modern technology including deterrents, night vision, walls scopes, seasoned netting, motion sensor cameras and more.

Wildlife Management without Poisons, Gases or Chemicals

We don’t believe in using poisons, gases or chemicals. We love nature and the environment and we avoid adding toxins to the food chain. Instead, Battle River Wildlife Management can remove pests from any part of your home or business, including the attic, walls and basement. We can rescue these animals from situations that could be detrimental to their health and relocate them to the wild where they can live naturally.

From gophers to bats, we can take care of your problem in a hurry. Our experienced and friendly staff members are standing by to provide answers to all your wildlife management questions. Call now to schedule a visit from our team.

Edmonton and 100km radius. For service beyond this area, please give us a call.


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