We are both ISNet and SECOR certified; these contractor management systems ensure that we meet the highest standard of safety for our clients and our employees.

Pest Control for Industrial Properties in Edmonton

Battle River Wildlife Management can take care of pests in your Edmonton-area industrial warehouse, refinery or other industrial site before they start causing you problems. If there is a bird or rodent infestation, they can interfere in the industrial process or get caught in tailings ponds. This can cause the whole process to grind to a halt, costing you time and money.

Bird Rehabilitation Programs

Because refineries, manufacturing plants and other industrial sites can occupy large areas of land, especially for the oil and gas industries, these sites can be prime candidates for a variety of wildlife concerns. Sometimes birds enter buildings when they have been injured, and we are familiar with bird rehabilitation programs in the area.

Inspections for Industrial Properties

We offer regular inspection and maintenance programs for industrial properties. We will carefully check the area for any evidence of rodents or birds, and set up live traps to remove any unwanted visitors. By preventing animal problems before they start, we can save you the time and the cost of dealing with a full infestation.

Call us to learn more about our maintenance programs.

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